Which Danish designer do you prefer ?
Do you prefer the modernist clean lines of functionality displayed in the works of Danish Designer Borge Mogensen ?
Borge Mogensen’s Model 2254 Sled Chair

Do you prefer the beautiful sculptural forms derived from Denmark’s craft tradition found in Finn Juhl’s Mid Century Modern Danish designs ?
Finn Juhl Chair model 136

Both chairs are available for sale at Artepodean. They are licensed vintage pieces not copies, therefore will hold their value and make outstanding feature chairs to add character and sophistication to your interior design.
Both designers were around at the same time
  •  Finn Juhl 1912 - 1989
  •  Borge Mogensen 1914 – 1972
but their designs, motivation and passions were
very different.
  •  Finn Juhl – examples of his designs can be found in New York at the   Museum of Modern Art
  • Borge Mogensen – has had international solo exhibitions in Zurich, London, New York, Stockholm and his Sled Chair pictured above can be found as part of the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s collection.
Buying a piece of furniture by either of these designers is like purchasing an art work. Art galleries collect significant designs that they believe will be notable examples of a designers body of work in the future.
A comparison of two Danish chairs that Artepodean has for sale demonstrates two schools of thought that strongly influenced Danish Modern Design.
Borge Mogensen’s designs display industrial, clean lines and democratic ideas. Mogensen’s inspiration for his simple yet functional designs, was the research that he undertook into contemporary lifestyles. His research together with Grethe Meyer brought about the innovation of built – in shelving and storage units rather than free standing furniture. He was intrigued by and studied in great depth the size and quantities of everyday items that occupants of the average household used on a daily basis. For example how many shirts did the average person own and what size were their kitchen utensils. This information informed the size and structure of his built - in storage units.
Mogensen's fascination for functionality is visually evident below in the
images of his model 2254 chair.